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Dom's 2nd Album

I'm very excited to share I've been working on my 2nd album to date entitled "Game Night", a Video Game Music focused collection of Covers and Originals featuring a Super Group of the best musicians in the Video Game Music Community!

Since Jan 2021, I've been working countless days and hours behind the scenes putting this project together, and I truly believe it's one of my best works to date! I really wanted to capture the essence of game nights musically, as they are one of my favorite things to do with friends (outside of playing music), and I hope you all are as excited as I am to hear the finished product!

This Album is OUT!!! Click this link to find it everywhere digitally!

DPGN Sticker 01.png
DPGN Sticker 02.png
Sticker 01.png
DPGN-012 Robbie Benson 01.png
DPGN-003 Adam Neely 01.png
DPGN-005 Patrick Bartley 01.png
DPGN-006 Carlos Eiene 01.png
Game Night: Bio
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