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SABIAN PHOTO 1 - Dom Palombi - 2000x1500px_edited.jpg
SABIAN PHOTO 7 Current Setup - Dom Palombi - 2000x1500px.png
SABIAN PHOTO 2 - Dom Palombi - 2000x1500px.png
Gigging Setup 1.jpg
Boston Studio Setup.jpg


It's an incredible honor to share I'm an official Artist for Sabian Cymbals!!!

I've been playing Sabian Cymbals since I started playing drums when I was 10. My first set of cymbals I had were XS20s, and I really enjoyed all the special nuances in Sabian's lineup. It's a dream come true to be representing my favorite cymbal company!

Current Cymbals in my Setup:
15" HHX Complex Medium Hats

17" HHX Complex O-Zone Crash

22" HHX Tempest

10" Chopper

7" Evolution Splash

AA/AAX Mini Monster Stax

8" HH Max Stax HIGH, w. 8" AAX Air Splash underneath

22" Prototype Ride

18" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash

Big shouts to Chris and Joe Bergamini at Sabian for making this possible, and please check out my artist page for more info!

Also, consider checking out this Drum Solo Video of me playing 2 HHX 22" Tempest's!

Drum Solo @ Memphis Drum Shop:

Sabian Artist: Bio
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